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Preventing cylinder heat gasket leaks How do I stop a cylinder head gasket leaking

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Not all radiators are created equal (5MB)
Epoxy - User Guide
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Electrolysis Corrosion
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Box Folds / Film Cores

PatternRowsDepths in mmDimensionsCentresFPI
Standard V Pattern2,3 or 432,50,7013.5mm x 2.2mm13.2mm8-12
Super X Pattern2,3 or 431,47,6413.5mm x 2.2mm10mm12-20
H Pattern4,5 or 664,86,1039.8mm x 2.2mm10mm12-16
Q Pattern1 or 220, 4219mm x 2.2mm10mm14-20

Tube Profile: Tubes can be supplied as Standard or Heavy Duty

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