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Finless Technology

Finless Technology – Cooling Solutions for Extreme Environments

Conventional heat exchange technology largely depends upon a variable volume of air passing through and around the fins and tubes of the cooler to maintain an ideal operating temperature.

In general, the manufacturer designs the system to be effective when used in a variety of operating environments.

But what happens if the machine is operating in a landfill site where the fins of the heat exchanger quickly become blocked with the high levels of airborne debris? Even with modern reversible fans, which do a remarkable job, some cooling systems still get blocked.

Engines will run hot reducing lifespan, down time for maintenance increases, the heat exchangers need cleaning regularly – all very expensive and inefficient.

The G&M Group have been leading the way in finless heat exchanger development for many years.

Case Studies

Finless Radiator for Recycling Plant Hydraulic Loader

Our service division recently completed the successful installation of a finless radiator for a large hydraulic loader operated by a major recycling company nearby.

They had recently replaced one of their wheeled loaders from a well-known manufacturer. They contacted us to see if it was possible to install one of our finless radiators. They had experience of the effectiveness of a finless unit.

The site supervisor said On machines with the standard radiator, we had to stop them at least twice a day and clean the radiator. With the finless radiator we haven’t had to clean it once in the last 3 years.

Hydraulic Loader with Finless Radiator
Finless Radiator for a Hydraulic Loader It took us a few visits to measure up the space available but the finished unit fitted perfectly and is now operating successfully on the site.
The customer is now looking at the rest of the fleet with a view to replacing all the heat-exchangers with finless units.

This tried and tested technology is suitable for many applications.

If you want to know more about the benefits of finless heat exchange technology speak to our sales team.

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